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Were you there? It was at the beginning of December in Lyon, the Salon Paysalia brought together a large part of the profession, far beyond the landscape … It feels good to meet again! Certainly ! But the landscape seems to have other interests …


The place to be

As usual, if we may say so, Paysalia took place at Eurexpo Lyon between November 30th and December 2nd. Nearly 1,500 exhibitors and 28,889 visitors, this is the results of this 2021 show.

Listening to the echoes of visitors, a first observation seems to be unanimous, it is the pleasure of meeting each other. Competitors or associates, exhibitors or visitors, all had a strong desire to walk the aisles to meet familiar looks. It must be said that since the last edition in 2019, a lot of water has flowed … or rather has not flowed under the bridges. For two years, the restrictions banned visits and meetings previously found too restrictive. The most disagreeable will say that we are never happy … That’s not wrong, but there are reasons. And if we are to believe the feedback and the first impressions of the old people of the profession (there are still some), we thought we were in the atmosphere of the Salon du Vegetal of ten years ago, with euphoria and enthusiasm at every corner of the aisle. A very old man even confided in me: « Do you remember Jarditec ? Well, it was the same « , I think it was a compliment!

For the not so old among us, those who are under sixty and who cannot remember this bygone period, Jarditec was a huge salon in Villepinte Paris which brought together everyone from the garden… The place to be! Then dethroned by the plant fair in Angers, the new “Place to Be” is in the process of migrating to Paysalia.


If we talk about Paysalia, we are talking about landscape. The garden is used to sectorizing its activities well. Everyone has their union, their federation or their interprofession to defend it. There are garden centers, farm supply stores and others, which sell products directly to consumers. There are florists, the same but with flowers. There are the plant producers, the horticulturalists. There are also gardeners, the real ones, they own and develop remarkable gardens. The specialists in garden machinery. And there are the landscapers, the garden designers. But be careful, there too, there are boxes to be observed. Some take care of private gardens, others develop city gardens called green spaces.

And like in Don Camillo’s films, all this little world coexists as best they can, often avoiding mixtures of genres.

But this segmented view is now outdated. Paysalia brings people together beyond its historical limits. The flower, the garden, the green spaces, the plants concern us all.

Where are the benchmarks?

Several factors have shaken up traditions. Sustainable development and global warming concern us all, and as such, the common people, that is to say all people outside the garden professionals … It makes the world … All these people think that it is he is dealing with the same and unique universe called the garden. We don’t care if it belongs to a city, a private, a producer or if it is remarkable … The garden is the garden, nature, plants.

The strength of websites and networks did the rest. By typing « Garden » on a search engine, more than 2,000 million responses give us access to all sites, whether they are distributors, shared gardens, online sales … Near or far, the consumer looking for something new. garden goes… Everywhere! And the professional names are passing over the mouse. Therefore, companies seek to have everything answered. A godsend to get out of its traditional environment just to explore the neighboring gardener …


What relationship with Paysalia will you tell me ? Paysalia is by nature reserved for Landscape and landscapers, large and small, as well as their appointed suppliers.

And yet, looking carefully under the masks, we see buyers of the distribution who, logically, should not be there? The vegetable was also very represented in a universe which tends to think more mineral and not too vegetable. Génération Jardin, the group of suppliers rather active in garden distribution, has also made a remarkable entry… So, is there a mistake or a mixture of genres? Who knows ??? Especially today, a growing number of landscapers are opening shops or garden centers to offer complementary products for the balcony, terrace and garden …

Perhaps the heart of the garden target is moving towards the landscape? If so, the fashion for the double hat will grow even further!


Roland Motte, gardener!

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