Round table Zepros!


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A habit not to be missed is the Zepros round table which regularly invites distributors and manufacturers on a given theme. The latest one was about landscaping. And the participants seemed rather… very optimistic! Why, then ?

Round table Zepros!

No need to tell you about the content of this round table, you will be able to discover it in one of the next issues of Zepros. Pierre Dieuzeide and his team are hard at work!

But to have had the chance to participate in this event on the heights of Paris, at the foot of the Sacré-Coeur, a little teasing is essential… During the round table, the participants, whether they come from the world of DIY or gardening, had only one word in their mouths: Optimism.

Seen from my garden in the Vosges with gloomy spring weather, with announcements of drought that do not encourage planting and prices still rising… Nothing to be optimistic about… In the short term, at least.

Were we talking about the same thing? Everyone sees noon at their doorstep and on my side, if we have a heat wave, I am not optimistic for new plantations… But hey, the speakers present were looking a little further than the bottom of my garden. “It’s time to elevate the debate”, I thought to myself! It’s not just plants in the garden!

Round table Zepros… Optimistic?

Well… Okay… But still… Right now, there’s nothing to see life in pink! All you have to do is connect to the networks to understand that everything is going wrong. The news channels in search of audience no longer hesitate to make the most pessimistic speak, just to add a layer. Pensions, the war in Europe, prices, the future… If the TV stays on, depression is guaranteed!Add to that the weather and the promises of warming that do not encourage the development of garden areas… Nothing is going right…So much for the worst. For the better, it’s true that the garden comes as a cocoon for most of us. After the Covid events, many of our fellow citizens left the city to find a foothold in the countryside… With an adjoining square of greenery!Finally, positivism, or negativism is just a very relative notion. It can vary depending on the point of view from which we observe things, the person who is looking and the moment T.The glass half full or half empty trick still has a bright future ahead of it!

Ethical products…

Fortunately, the glass is much fuller when it comes to product lines. Whether it’s landscaping, tools or accessories for the garden, the decision-makers around the table have become aware of the sustainability of raw materials. All are made aware of the carbon footprint of the products sold in their stores.Of course, there is still work to do, you cannot change industrialization by snapping your fingers. At least not yet.In the past, we tended to oppose profitability and turnover to be maintained, on the one hand, and the preservation of the planet, on the other.Today, the discourses have changed. If we talk about sustainable development, we must take into account its 3 pillars: economy, environment and social.The “environment” pillar is now on an equal footing with the economy and we can only be delighted!Our market is in the green and we must be the first involved in recycling and the carbon footprint of our ranges. Giving meaning to our gardening and DIY jobs, that’s why we can be optimistic for the future!

The meaning of history!

Conscious Quitting is developing among employees and regardless of generation. Conscious quitting is the awareness of the employees of a company. They want to work for “the good cause”. And even worse, they will leave their job if it lacks meaning or ethical coherence.Working in gardens, plants or for amateur gardeners, a priori, means working for biodiversity and the revegetation of the planet. Provided you go to the end of the process. The 100,000 tons of annual waste in our gardening and DIY trades, the carbon footprint of products and plants are sufficiently challenging to wonder if we are in a market as bioethical as it seems?Our future employees are also made aware of Conscious Quitting and they expect actions so that the garden also becomes irreproachable on the subject.And seeing, during this Zepros round table, major players in our business embark on this path, really, it gives us optimism!

Roland Motte… Gardener

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