Silence, ca pousse !


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In 1838, Pépinières Minier was born in the heart of Anjou. Silence, ca pousse! It is one of the brands that now sticks to the image of the company. A brand that sets the standard and which makes it possible to pool plants for stores. Okay, silence now, we’ll see how it all grew…

Silence, ca pousse!

Before projecting on Silence, it grows! We have to go back to 1838 to resume the history of the Pépinières Minier. For it to grow, even in silence, there is nothing like Anjou and its climate perfectly adapted to plants for growing a range of ornamental plants.

We weren’t born yet at that time, but you still had to have a fairly clear vision to get into ornamentation. The arrival of garden centers and the garden trade is 100 years later. The person who said to himself “hold on, we are going to create a production of flowering shrubs! must have been reckless or intrepid… Today, we can measure the relevance of this vision.

Subsequently, it was Robert Minier who gave this nursery a boost by trusting in varietal creation. His idea was not based on price but on innovation and novelty.

You know the rest, in 1997, it was CAVAL, which became TERRENA, which took over the management of the Minier nurseries. In 2015, the Minier company became Hortival Diffusion with its emblematic brand Silence, ca pousse! in 2016.

From the garden to the TV…

When we talk about Silence, it grows! Everyone knows. We have all seen or almost at least once the program of Stéphane Marie on the 5. The first took place on September 19, 1998 after a childbirth of almost 4 years. At that time, the outgoing star of the garden was Nicolas le Jardinier and the house of TF1, whose last broadcast took place in 1988.The image of our national Nicolas was close to a “labor” gardener. With his overalls and his boots, the garden of this period flirted between the vegetable garden, production and work in the fields. Stéphane Marie then brings a very different look, more urban and frankly turned towards ornament and decoration.And now ? The teacher has surpassed the student. Despite the vagaries of the world of TV and the difficulty of selling garden in a world of action and reality show, Silence, ca pousse! is still there… Bravo!But then, what could have gone through the minds of the decision-makers at Hortival Diffusion to rely on a TV show in order to create a vegetable brand? Seen from a distance, one might think that TV is ephemeral. How many shows have not survived a fad, a host or a decline in audience. The bet was clearly daring.

A vegetable brand?

You just have to walk around the store to realize that the brands in the plant are not legion. On the one hand we have production, made up of just under 3,000 horticulturists and nurserymen, and on the other garden centers with increasingly large and structured groups, all followers of private label.On the consumer side, a recent IPSOS survey tells us that the French are more sensitive to private labels in food. 94% say they buy private label products. 7 out of 10 buy them at least half the time when shopping for super or hyper. We agree, it’s about food, so in plants, it’s even more complicated.The spontaneous notoriety of vegetable brands is not obvious. And it’s hard to stand out. The development of a concept requires means of communication that are not easily compatible with the volumes in parallel. As we know, to attract the eye of consumers, whether food or plant, the road is long and expensive. So we might as well pool the actions. By adding the means, we necessarily have a better chance of convincing.

Silence, ca pousse!

The story of Silence, ca pousse! can only be told because behind it, there is a group with research, solutions, development beyond our borders and a desire to support consumers at the very heart of their garden.And on the distribution side, the boss is the customer.This “boss” has lost plant knowledge, and the more material we bring to him, in the form of information and coaching, as Silence offers, it grows! The more we will bring it back and forth to the store.Silence, ca pousse! Is a beautiful brand with great notoriety and a huge capital of sympathy, it appeals to our customers who find a piece of small screen in the proposed plant.The accompaniment through the site, the coaching, the varieties and the animations make it possible to facilitate the act of purchase for the amateur gardeners.Faced with this garden consumer who is a little lost, there is no single solution, it is by adding up the know-how that we will increase sales.Basically, customer education and sales support tools cost a blind. By pooling ideas and resources, between the distributor and the producer, we have every chance of attracting and retaining our dear gardeners.

Roland Motte… Gardener!

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