Garden centers elsewhere… In June

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For this walk in these garden centers elsewhere… In June, we are going to take a trip to New Zealand, to the USA in Illinois and Connecticut, to Egypt, and we will finish in Cape Verde!

Garden centers elsewhere… In June

With this stroll on social networks and on Facebook in particular, we have a small window on the communications of our colleagues. There are many garden centers on this network and there is no shortage of inspiration.

Some are a little more dynamic, so you have to look for different destinations each month. And you know what, I love it! By selecting the 5 monthly accounts, you need to see around fifteen of them. There’s nothing like it to keep up to date with the latest news about garden centers around the world!


Springvale Garden Center

This garden center is located at 18 Devon Road, Springvale, Whanganui, New Zealand.

The town of Springvale has 3,500 inhabitants with an average age of 38 years!

We are here by the Tasman Sea.

The Carter family has owned the Garden Center since its inception in 1991.

And to celebrate your birthday, there are numerous offers as you can see in the photo.

If you feel like it, you can, while waiting for your turn, drink a refreshment or eat a slice of pie in the garden center restaurant, in the shade of the palm trees!


Anne’s Garden Center

We are going to Dixon, Illinois. It is a city east of Chicago with approximately 15,000 residents. The weather is roughly the same as in the east of France with nights currently between 5 and 10 degrees. And as the CM says, “Summer is about to begin, and the weekend is finally here!”   »For your information, and as the comment states, “very beautiful perennials have arrived and we have stocked up on petunias!Bring all the hummingbirds to your garden, with a beautiful Salvia! »For pricing, it’s $15.99 each or 2 for $29.99!All hanging baskets and planters are on sale!! 10 inches (25cm) – $24.99 or 2 for $39.99!12 inches (30cm) – $39.99 or 2 for $69.99!16 inches (40cm) – $59.99 or 2 for $100.00!

Garden centers from elsewhere… Garden Center Giza

Giza is an Egyptian city of more than 8 million inhabitants located on the west bank of the Nile, near Cairo. The city is famous for its proximity to the 3 great pyramids of Egypt.The average annual temperature is 31 degrees, enough to grow quite a few Mediterranean plants.The Garden center sells trees that you will rarely find here, such as Baobab, Polyalthia longifolia or Tabebuia aurea…It’s open every day from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.!If you pass near the pyramids, stop at Giza, Al-Mastazmat street, it’s there!

Ganim’s Garden Center and Florist

The outlet has existed for 80 years now. It is located at 320 Kings Highway Cutoff, Fairfield, CT, United States, Connecticut. The city is located on the other side of Long Island near New York. There are 62,000 inhabitants.As both a florist and a garden center, we are far from the criteria of the “typical” garden center! The soil is in the parking lot and low gates limit the contours of the sales area.However, right now, it’s herb season! “Anise, basil, catnip, cervil, chives, coriander, calendula, dill, eucalyptus, fennel, garlic, hyssop, lavender (Beezee dark blue, Goodwin creek, grosso, hidcote, munstead, vera), East Indian lemongrass, lemongrass Asia, leeks, lemon balm, mint chocolates, golden ginger mint, assorted peppermint, harpoon mint, mint mojito, lemon verbena, golden oregano, Greek oregano, hot and spicy oregano, real oregano…” And so on! Here is the list proposed on the store’s Facebook page! It’s $5.99 per plant, presumably in a 1 liter pot.

Garden Center Mindelo

We change creameries and we go closer to home… To Cape Verde. The Garden center is located at Rua Guiné Bissau, Mindelo, Cape Verde, on the island of Sao Vincente. With an average of 24 degrees over the year, the city does not suffer from spring frosts 🙄, it has around 70,000 inhabitants.The CM regularly broadcasts images combining the decoration and the staging of the sellers. Almost every publication is reworked and the Facebook account is pleasant to follow. This garden center does floral creation but also offers pets, garden plants and garden equipment. “We wish you all a good weekend!  We remind you that we will be open Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. so you can pick the prettiest and freshest flowers. Come visit us and bring beauty into your home  !

Roland Motte… Gardener !

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