Garden center elsewhere… In May


Garden center elsewhere

The garden center elswhere allows us to visit, via Facebook accounts, our neighbors’ departments here and there.

Since the start of the year, I have been sharing photos of our colleagues around the world.

And why do this work? Solely for comparison, for inspiration or for information.

After all, if garden centers around the world are going out of their way to show off their know-how and give us promotions and ideas, we might as well take advantage of it.

At the end of April and the beginning of May, we are going to Algeria, Japan, New Zealand…

Just like customers, many of us observe social networks to understand life at points of sale.

Good walk!


Garden center elsewhere… California Home & Garden

We will start with the Wellington region, and with the city of the same name which happens to be the capital of New Zealand. There are 220,000 inhabitants there.

Our garden center, California Home Garden, is located at 316 Waiwhetu Road, Fairfield, ower Hutt, Wellington.

Once is not customary, the point of sale announces the closure of the store for ANZAC Day. ANZAC DAY is celebrated every year on April 25. We remember the Battle of Gallipoli in Türkiye, during the First World War. That day, Commonwealth forces stopped the German army.

As the CM said: “Today, we pause to remember the brave souls who sacrificed for our freedom. »

But I promise, I’ll let you know about Wellington’s specials next time!


Garden center elsewhere… The Green Gate Garden Center

Change of corner. Here we are now in the city of Seguin, the seat of Guadalupe County, in the state of Texas, USA.The city has 34,000 inhabitants, and at the moment, it is 27 to 29 degrees during the day, and 20 degrees at night.That’s why our friends at The Green Gate Garden Center chose to announce to us on Facebook that “Crape Myrtles are finally here!!! “. As the CM explains, “These are large shrubs that do not like to be “pruned”. Simply put, it’s called Crape Murder when you cut them because they make “scabs” that cover the “cut” and they will never grow again. This is why we recommend that you purchase the tree taking into account the final adult size.These myrtles are $40 each while supplies last!Hurry up and choose one or two…It’s happening at The Green Gate Garden Center990 S Highway 123 Byp, Seguin, TX, United States, Texas.


Garden center elsewhere… Trowell Garden Center

Change of location and return to Europe, to cousins. In Nottingham.You probably know Nottingham, a city located in the Midlands region, in central England.Why should you know her? Quite simply because Robin Hood’s castle is there, perched on top of a hill.Surely we can see the Trowell Garden Center from up there? The city of Nottingham has a population of just over 300,000 inhabitants.The Garden Center is taking advantage of the good weather to announce its hours: “We know we’re going to enjoy our day here in Trowell when the sun comes out at 7:40 a.m…. We’re open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. today.”It’s nice there at the moment, at the hottest 16 degrees during the day and 4 to 8 degrees at night.Trowell Garden CenterStapleford Road, Trowell, Nottingham, United Kingdom.


Garden center elsewhere… Garden Center Chéraga

We used to say Chéragas. The city is a commune, located in the western suburbs of Algiers.Daytime temperatures are 20 degrees during the day and 10 degrees at night.It’s time to highlight a collection of Euphorbias to be found on the shelves at the point of sale!“Native to Africa, the Spurge comes in a multitude of species, each with its own fascinating characteristics. Some feature surprising geometric shapes, while others are adorned with shimmering colors.If you have any questions, contact us”!Do you like it too? So here is the address below!Garden Center Cheraga.Dune roads, ex Daz mezali Cherif, Cheraga. ALGER

Garden center elsewhere… Ants Garden

If you have time, check out the photos on the Ants Garden Facebook page.A little garden center with plant sales. But also a landscaper with flowerbeds rich in color. A little florist side with arrangements, and decoration too…The mix is ​​happy and makes you want to go and do something there.It is in Japan, in Ashiya, a town of almost 100,000 inhabitants in the suburbs of the city of Fukuoka with its 1.540 million inhabitants.In addition to these photos full of decorations and colors, the CM uses his best pen to accompany the publications.The latest:”  It’s a beautiful day ! Photosynthesis Day ( ̄光 ̄)Good morningWoke up to cool morning sun for the first time in a while Of course we need rain, but with so much rain I feel grateful for the sun… People need photosynthesis too… LaughAnd because flowers and plants healWell I’m going to give it my all today too!Here is your guide to your return to school.”In Japanese, it’s even cooler, don’t you think?

快晴です!光合成日和( ̄∇ ̄)


久しぶりに眩しい朝日の光で目が覚めました もちろん雨も必要ですが、こんなに降り過ぎると日光の有り難さを痛感します。


Ants Garden

808-7 Ashiya-machi Onga-gun, Fukuoka, Japan 8070141

Roland Motte… Gardener !

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