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Like every month since the start of 2024, Garden center elsewhere allows you to take a little stroll through the garden centers around the world. At the beginning of March, you will discover the Facebook posts of 5 garden centers taken at random from somewhere on earth.

A quick overview to see what your friends are doing!

Garden center elsewhere… Braeheid Gardens Garden-Center

We start with a trip to Canada, we are near Clairmont and Bezanson… Names that speak to us? Alberta is east of British Columbia, in the heart of Canada. Very close by, there are Bear Lake and Buffalo Lake… Needless to say, it’s the countryside.

In Sexmith, the Braeheid Garden Garden Center is already talking to us about cherries! It’s time to order the trees. The proof with the photo of the fruits of the Evans Sour Cherry variety.

This is a typical sour cherry from Alberta. There, we thought we wouldn’t be able to have cherries because the climate was too harsh. But since the 1920s, a certain Evans had been growing his cherry trees in peace! It is a shrub typical of this corner of North America with white flowers in spring

and abundant production!

Garden Center Braeheid Gardens731056 Range Rd 62, Sexsmith, AB, Canada, Alberta

Garden center elsewhere California Home & Garden

We’re changing places, really… We are now in New Zealand, north of Wellington. We are precisely in Fairfiel.And there, from March to May, it’s autumn! You won’t be surprised to find great communication on Facebook to encourage you to plant your bulbs like tulips, daffodils and crocuses!The point of sale explains to us when to plant these famous bulbs: In autumn for spring flowering, and in winter for summer flowering. I’ll let you do the reverse calculation!And as the Community Manager says: “Want more information on how to plant and care for your bulbs?Come to the store to collect your COPY FOR FREE!The copy will tell us everything on the subject, but for that, you will have to go to New Zealand!

California Home & Garden, 316 Waiwhetu Road, Fairfield, Lower Hutt, Wellington 5011, New Zealand

Garden center elsewhere… Strader’s Riverside

This time we put our cart down in Columbus, Ohio, between Cincinnati and Cleveland. We are northwest of Columbus, in the suburbs of Garden-Center Strade’s Riverside.And as the photo shows us, the greenhouses are full of pansies. It’s time to install them with spring here too!“Pssst, we want to let you in on a secret: we have thoughts in store now!! With spring bulbs in bloom, spring is just around the corner! »More intimate, the communication does not talk about price, but about choice!The Strader group has 6 points of sale around Columbus. The city has a million inhabitants, not counting the surrounding areas… There is room for development! The Riverside garden center is one of the group’s 6 stores.

Strader’s Riverside, 5350 Riverside Dr, Columbus, OH 43220

Garden center elsewhere… Amsterdam Garden Center

Back in Canada, in the eastern suburbs of Vancouver, along the Fraser River.At Amsterdam Garden-Center, the photos on the Facebook feed tell us that we are here with a plant enthusiast.And as proof, this call to the people to come and discover a unique batch of hellebores.“Extended flowering period, shade tolerance, low maintenance and their overall aesthetic contribution to the garden. These qualities make them special and highly appreciated among gardening enthusiasts. »Here’s the catchphrase! but nothing replaces photos, and you can see that these flowers will not stay on the shelves at the point of sale for long.Management also indicates that this is a unique arrival. If you want to plant these pretty perennials, hurry up, you’ll have to go to Pitt Meadows this week 😉.

Amsterdam Garden Centre, 19100 Old Dewdney Trunk Road, Pitt Meadows, BC, Canada, British Columbia

Garden center elsewhere… Nelson Garden

The company has existed since 1933, it is located in Norway. If you know the area, go to Larvik. Then drive due north towards Hedenstad and stop at Steinsholt.There is still snow in this northern European country, but to encourage the gardener to get out and about, communicators are talking to us about preparing for spring.Seeds are in the spotlight. And despite the cold still very present in Norway, why not dream about a nice, juicy tomato?“What do you sow in March?” » tells us the point of sale, just to create a little dialogue while waiting for the sunny days!!!You too can participate in this exchange, it’s on the point of sale’s Facebook account… Enjoy your walk 😜!

Nelson Garden Lågendalsveien 2648, 3277 Steinsholt, Norway


Roland Motte… Gardener !

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