Garden Trends Institute


Created in 2014, the Institute of Garden Trends continues its journey in the world of gardening. The association brings together around twenty companies, all from the garden and wishing to better understand trends. Latest meeting, February 1 in Angers.

Garden Trends Institute

Understanding trends is one thing, but then sharing between decision-makers, marketing managers or with sales teams is a little extra much appreciated by the participants. At the Garden Trends Institute, everyone brings their point of view with a very different perspective between producers, manufacturers, distributors and communicators. The exchanges are always very extensive and the conviviality is not left out.

A recipe that has been working for 10 years now! This meeting took place at the premises of Vegepolys Valley, our new partner.

Ahead of this day, a lot of discussions took place within the association to find out if it was wise to call on a different trend for the years to come. But the offer made by the Caramel Groupunanimously tipped the balance towards a renewal of the Nantes company.

Workshop !

So much for the internal soup. But back to this day’s work.Like every year, the Caramel Group trendsetters presented us with 4 scenarios to predict in the future. Each of these scenarios raises many questions and points of view within our collective, it’s always easier by observing noon at your door…The afternoon is devoted to a practical exercise which allows, together, to highlight the trends discovered in the morning.And in between, there is the meal… This is perhaps obvious, especially since this break takes place between noon and two p.m…. 🤣! But… Conviviality is the glue of this gathering, and it is always easier to talk freely over a meal!For those who are absent, don’t panic, the book delivered at the end of the day or sent to our members, perfectly summarizes the challenges to come!The title of this day was called “dream zone”… Quite a program!

Zone to dream

For the moment, in the garden world, dreams are not really in order, and if we think in the short term, some concerns may arise. Many wondering if consumers will still be able to buy their plants next spring? Perhaps he will choose to ignore it, just to scrape together a little money to finance what is necessary?These present concerns were, for a time, hidden in order to project ourselves towards the future!In our near future, these pessimistic drifts will, inevitably, lead to a strong search for optimism. It’s as simple as the pendulum of the Comtoise clock!By dint of feeling gloomy, we all want to look for a positive solution.Re-enchanting everyday life is the idea. Plants and the garden in general return as a potential source of happiness and pleasure.Real or unreal, this new quest for “well-being” requires nature to be accessible and within reach.

To know more ?

There are still many other things to discover in the images of this projection into the future. Our desire for pleasure can begin with AI and then find its way into reality… It’s up to us to create the world of tomorrow…These perspectives might seem unrealistic, but at the Garden Trends Institute, dialogue and pragmatism make it possible to filter the possibilities.Exchanges are essential to translate images of a future world.We, gardeners, are by definition rather down to earth! The mix between trendsetters and “gardeners” allows us to arrive at a summary that everyone can read!If, like all members of our association, you are looking for answers and avenues for development for the future of your business, join the Garden Trends Institute.The next trendy workshop will take place in January 2025, until then, the association will meet twice a year, just to chat in a friendly atmosphere…

Roland Motte… Gardener!

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