Garden center from elsewhere …


Garden center from elsewhere … , are here and now. Every month, I suggest you go digging through the Facebook accounts of our friends elsewhere. How others communicate. Depending on the regions, countries, cultures or sensitivities, publications on the networks can surprise us… Or inspire us… Let’s go!

Garden center from elsewhere

Blackbrooks Garden Center, Blackbrooks, Sedlescombe, United Kingdom Like many other English garden centers, our friends at Blackbrooks are talking about food at the moment. Blackbrooks Garden Center is located in Sedlescombe, a small village in the countryside, south of London, very close to the Channel coast, opposite France. It is a very touristy corner of East Sussex. The English are undoubtedly fans of chocolate. To promote its supplier and create footfall at its point of sale, the managers of the garden center offer free tastings all morning. And… If you’re lucky, you might be drawn to win The Watch!!! A watch worth 150 pounds… Not bad! For foodies, there’s no point crossing the Channel, it’s too late, it was last week… Note that many Garden Center Anglais Facebook pages promote food products at the moment. Perhaps this is a good solution while waiting for the return of sunny days?


Garden Center Pet, Italy

Another garden center from elsewhere… In Italy, Via Flavia di stramare, 133/a, Múggia, Italy.

We are here in the Gulf of Triest, next to the Slovenian border, with a small town of 13,000 inhabitants, all integrated into a population area of ​​almost 100,000 people.

Here too we go out of the garden to offer a quality product to our cat friends.

But be careful, it’s only for sterilized cats   . The selection is strict…

It is a unique recipe on the market with white fish and caviar. Okay, it’s herring caviar, but still, giving caviar to your cat is better than plums to your pig!

Loiseau garden center in Mably

The Loiseau garden center is near Roanne, 18 Route de Paris, Mably… Back to France with this garden center opened in 1988… I remember it, I was the director at the time… This is a date which does not remind us not getting any younger 🤣! At that time, it was under the sign “Vive le jardin”, with a big yellow hedgehog at the entrance to the point of sale.And why talk about garden centers elsewhere with a local Garden Center? Quite simply because at the Loiseau family, we think outside the box in terms of communication! The potatoes have arrived and it’s an opportunity to give a nod to the Tuches! A gourmet show in the “Jeff Tuche” style, this is what the community manager of the garden center offers us. A rather nice way to announce the arrival of a very classic product… Bravo!

Return to England

I told you, garden centers elsewhere, and especially our English-speaking friends, chose snacks during this slow period at the end of January and beginning of February.Here we are in Beancross Road, Polmont.Polmont is a village of around 5,000 inhabitants located in Falkirk, between Glasgow and Edinburgh in Scotland.In the local garden center, we celebrate the ‘Pie Lovers’. For this National Pie Day, the store invites its customers to take a look at its Food Hall section. A large choice of pies, some of which are homemade by Gavin, the butcher at the point of sale!We’re going to gain more pounds while we wait to work out in the garden!

Short trip to Switzerland

More precisely Route Suisse 40 in Gland. In the suburbs of Nyon, on the banks of Lake Geneva, you undoubtedly know the Schilliger garden center, a model of its kind!Here, in this very high-end point of sale, the managers have chosen to hit hard before the season, and are offering promotions of up to 70% off.In all departments, there are ways to find very interesting “shots”!The Schilliger garden center has already surprised us with its range and its presentations, with such discounts it shows us its know-how in terms of commerce!

Roland Motte… Gardener !

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