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The Garden Consumers Guide 2024


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As for 3 years, we are going to release the Garden Consumers Guide this fall. This year, the theme is plants… Well yes, casually, with energy increases, global warming, the lack of customer knowledge, the Internet… There’s a lot to say about the subject !!!

The Garden Consumers Guide

It took us during confinement. After repainting the shutters, redoing the garden, installing a gazebo for the kiwis… There was time left and the 4 of us decided to create a 150-page document to deal with a subject related to our market. Our different professions of former buyers, trainers, consultants, followers of social networks; web specialists, and above all, garden enthusiasts… All these experiences have allowed us to reflect together on a topical subject.

In 2022, the Garden Consumers Guide analyzed post-Covid. In 2023, we explore the relationships between companies, employees and customers. And for 2024, it’s plant-based.

To produce these different Guides, we mainly rely on interviews with professionals. The advantage of getting older is that you know a few people. And the latter is ready to answer our questions, even if it is necessary, in certain cases, to stay for the aperitif and the evening meal…. Our job is not easy 🤣!

By compiling figures, surveys and reflections, we are able to draw the outline of what the plant will be tomorrow.

And to be honest, we are at a real turning point. The vegetable trade will be different tomorrow. But you will discover this in the pages of our next Guide, when it is released in October 2023.

Promesse de fleurs

To go a little further in our analyses, this year we have decided to join forces with partners.The first on the list is “Promesse de Fleurs”. The online plant sales site collaborated with us to release a very plant-based survey. We asked 12 questions to amateur gardeners (2000 people surveyed) about their habits when it comes to buying plants. The answers are spread over the whole of France and concern all age groups.You can discover the answers to these questions in the form of percentages in the pages of our Garden Consumers Guide 2024.Note a few confirmations and a few surprises too… When asked about the main motivations that lead them to buy a plant, 70% of them tell us about their crush! This is an element that will encourage garden centers to value theatricality… Among other things!We also shared with GFK to have “tailor-made” figures.Mauryflor helped us with the printing and the layout and we also have an agreement with the “Journées des Collections” to present on site, in March 2024, the summary of our thoughts!

Some tracks

The plant is a vast subject, and seen through the end of our telescope, it is not simply the plant sold in garden centers. Today, it represents much more than that in the collective imagination. It is present everywhere, in well-being, cooking, cosmetics, construction, energies… It has even become the symbol of the fight against global warming. This plant that we all need on a daily basis could have serious problems with increases in energy. Many producers have thrown in the towel and it will be necessary to show their credentials or make a long-term commitment so that producers can deliver to points of sale. The balance of power could even change and the “boss” could well become the producer rather than the distributor… Times are changing!The crush demanded by customers will have to be found in stores, online sales sites are real competitors to the point that plant enthusiasts are changing their habits and are no longer reluctant to order their plants on the net. The online sale of our favorite plants could become a habit with the arrival of future generations. If so, are we ready to embark on this adventure?There are still many other questions and some answers from the professionals interviewed in this new guide!

The output of the Guide

The proofreading is underway, the presses are ready to receive the first copies and the release will take place during a conference in Orléans as part of the days of the Institute of Garden Trends, in partnership with Végépolys.During this day, we will take the opportunity to visit, in the afternoon, the Pépinières Travers on their site in Saint Cyr en Val.If you wish to participate in this day, the participation form is to be requested from ITJ: communication@iscj.frIn the 2024 Garden Consumers Guide, you will find 150 pages of surveys, analyses, testimonials… Our exclusive survey in partnership with Promesse de Fleurs and our “Bonjour” survey in store, the result of our “walks” in the field !The 2024 Garden Consumers Guide will be on sale at €95 including tax, including postage. You can order it now at contact@guideconsojardin.com Do not hesitate to ask your questions, I will be there to give you the answers… Finally, I hope!!!Welcome back everyone and see you soon!

Roland Motte… Gardener !

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