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The first “Vertugo” regional fair took place last week in Metz. It was an opportunity for points of sale, members and partner suppliers of the brand to discover the ins and outs of the Customer Experience. What ? The CX,

Consumer eXperience… will have to get used to!!!

CX What?

According to the definition of marketing experts, the customer experience refers to all the emotions and feelings experienced by a customer during his shopping experience. All of this can relate to a product or a service. The result of all these interactions from one end of the chain to the other is called the Customer Experience.And to satisfy your client from the first contact until his next visit, you have to start by knowing him and asking him for the necessary information. This information is what will define his passions, his habits, his way of life… You still have to ask him, and that he agrees to open the doors of his private life to us.An Accenture survey reveals that 83% of French people are ready to reveal themselves on one condition, which is that the brand or company uses this data in order to access a personalized experience more quickly.CX may not have the same definition in the minds of brand managers, in that of information collectors or in that of the customer?Understanding common goals is the first thing to validate. Everyone should understand the ins and outs of CX!

World champion

One of the heavyweights of the Customer Experience, the one that has a good lead on the subject, is Nike. The sports shoe brand innovates in every way. Its point of sale in Guangzhou in China is the best proof of this.In this “Nike Rise” on the other side of the world, the “consumer” (can we still call it that ???) is taken care of upon arrival. The ad hoc application allows you to know in real time the sporting events in progress and the latest news and animations of the point of sale. By scanning the barcodes of the products, you already know if it is intended for you, if your size is available and at which cabin you can go to try it on. If you don’t like the pumps on the shelf, why not customize them to your liking? Have fun with “Nike by You” to create the sneakers of your dreams! Do you have any doubts about the size of the shoes to try on? Never mind! With the “Nike Fit” application, you scan your foot and you have the answer.Where we find it difficult to collect information from our visitors, Nike customers release all the data necessary to improve this famous customer experience a little more. It’s give-and-take. The more you fill in your profile, the more personalized your experience!

And more…

At “Lego”, we move forward differently by creating communities of customers. Remember, in the definition of CX, we talk about emotion… And when you’re “Lego”, when you’ve been around for decades, you have to know how to shake up traditions and adapt to fans of the brand. Online communities allow everyone to create their own innovation that can be taken up by the brand. Other searches for specific parts in order to create an original construction. Obviously, this brand-specific online movement limits poor workmanship… Why look elsewhere for what we can share together? The experience makes it possible to exchange with “Lego” employees, but also with other enthusiasts who find a perfectly personalized Customer Experience!The circle is complete ! There are no longer customers, but true ambassadors of your company who will promote it through their respective social networks. Just imagine a loyal customer, dedicated to the brand and ready to defend it in all circumstances. Better yet, he is involved in its development! What else?

And in the garden

Everyone thinks about it! But how to put all this in place? Finally, it would be quite easy if you add a real will.Come to think of it, all the conditions are met in our business:- Our customers garden for pleasure and to find emotion.- They need help since the new generations do not know garden techniques.- We can customize each garden provided we know the desires of our client.- A garden is an experience in itself that requires monitoring throughout the year.The customer experience is not requested, it is expected by amateur gardeners. has taken the plunge with Planfit., which will be released this spring, this new site is already in “Customer Experience” mode and the Green Stores and Green Points in Eastern France are making great strides! The CX arrives in the garden, welcome to it!!!

Roland Motte… Gardener!

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