Artificial writing?


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For several years, researchers have been working on the development of Artificial Intelligence. The artificial writing is ready. Are you ready to trust the words of a computer?

Artificial writing?

One of the creators is Elon Musk and I assume you know the character? This is the OpenAI company, specialized in Artificial Intelligence (AI). This company has developed a language with machine learning called GPT-3. In addition to dialoguing with you, this Artificial Intelligence is also able to write articles that are completely sensible and without spelling mistakes… In addition!You can take a look at the site tested for you by asking the “beast” to write me a few lines about his opinion on the garden and Artificial Intelligence. Within seconds, the response came with clear text explaining that we were going to mow and water our lawn using AI.Here is his introduction:Artificial Intelligence (AI) can have a significant impact on the garden market by enabling automation of tasks such as plant monitoring and resource management, such as water and nutrients. It can also help optimize plant growth and reduce labor costs.And for now, this blabla is free!!!


We’re OK, talking about plants or garden hoses, for an AI, it might not be rocket science. But the researchers went further by asking the machine to write a scientific paper. Employees of the OpenAI company questioned the software on its own functioning. The difficulty is that the software has few or no elements at its disposal to write such a document. And yet, he did. Artificial intelligence has adapted and found the words to lay a coherent text on its use. It even gives recommendations for proofreading by explaining the limits of its operation.Clearly, artificial intelligence is capable of writing a scientific article deemed to be “good quality” by professionals. So imagine growing tulips or planting leeks, it becomes child’s play.The technical data sheets and other articles that you read on online garden sales sites may come from… Who knows?So, do we still need to know spelling, figures of speech or even gardening techniques to write articles on the subject? Well no !!!

The form and substance…

Fortunately, at least for now, this writing via AI has its limits. If the tool is able to align words and form coherent sentences, it is still a bit limited in analysis and thinking. Today, AI can write basic novels, which is already a feat, but it does not yet replace the human brain with its share of unforeseen, madness, even inconsistency. We know that the machine is capable of beating man at chess, because it is a mathematical, pragmatic and rational game. But the surprise, the emotion and the unexpected consequences of the emotions, there, it is still specific to man.”Pass me the rake”! This is typically a sentence that has nothing to do with an article on writing and AI… Yet it is there! There is only a human brain to write “pass me the rake” in a writing that until then seemed intelligent…The human is still creative, even improbable; the machine, not yet… but until when?If AI one day manages to influence us, we can easily imagine the dangerous consequences of this “progress”…

AI garden

This AI will be used in the garden, perhaps more than reason. The publications that concern our market are often, very often, linked to the form, accessible to the slightest AI coming.How to plant, prune, choose, maintain… Look at the garden books, apart from the layout, they all say pretty much the same thing… Spring bulbs are planted in autumn, à la Sainte Catherine all wood takes root… And so on, and the best. Every year, it’s again and again. And for the description of plants, it’s all the same. My little finger confirms to me that the garden items intended for the general public are already made by robots. My friends and fellow journalists have cause for concern. Garden journalist, it is perhaps no longer a profession of the future… Know-how is no longer a criterion of quality. Our free robot has one advantage, it is free.There will remain, we hope, in-depth articles that will deal with the future of our profession. But as at the same time, the professional press is struggling to make ends meet, the robot has its place in the garden, and not just for mowing.


I end this editorial by informing you that tomorrow morning, I have an appointment with the hairdresser. At 9:30 a.m. sharp! All this to tell you that a robot does not go to the hairdresser yet! Oh you see, I am the one writing this article! Roland Motte… Gardener!

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