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To fight against global warming, the pollution of our planet, everyone goes there with their comments and their sharing on social networks…. It’s time to act. Unfortunately, the more we operate the network, the more we participate in this warming… So… What do we do?


Generation Z in particular, but also Generation Y, who together form the Millennials, are particularly concerned about the future of our planet. These little young people who are more and more full of values ​​are also addicted to new technologies. And these new technologies are very energy-intensive… These same energies that eat up our planet capital a little more.

The contradiction is difficult to manage, yet it is very effective!

Before people worked from home, ADEME indicated that digital was responsible for 10% of electricity consumption in France.

And we are all concerned with digital sobriety. How many unused phones or chargers do you have? Do you abuse videoconferences which are great energy eaters? Do you clean your email regularly? Are you an addict to email, online games or social networks?

And yet, it is necessary to communicate well to express the values ​​of the company! Yes, but with a downside to respect?


According to a GreenIT study published a long time ago in October 2019, the figures indicated that the 34 billion digital terminals that are telephones, computers, game consoles or televisions are sinkholes of pollution!

90% of this energy comes from their manufacture. FYI, it takes 80 times more energy to build 1 gram of smartphone compared to 1 gram of car. Are you going to tell me that it is not the same use? Of course, but the paradox is that today, we use our dear smartphone to denounce automobile pollution! Find the mistake ?

In 2025, 35% of greenhouse gas emissions will be directly linked to the manufacture of these terminals.

If we include emails and SPAM, that’s 34 million per hour of messages sent worldwide.

At first glance, sending 20 emails per day corresponds to pollution equivalent to 100 kilometers by car. If in addition you send your emails while driving, there, we are bad ??.

And it’s not over… In 2025, we will have 48 billion connected objects in the world… Let’s continue!

Hello DATA!

And all these actors, followers and video enthusiasts need data centers to send information back.

What is the DATA center? It is a physical place that brings together computer facilities responsible for storing and distributing all the data we need. Clearly, no Data, no communication!

And to give you an idea, a 10,000 m² Data Center consumes as much energy as a city of 50,000 inhabitants.

We are seeing that these Data Centers pollute as much as aviation. Digital activity will increase further in the world, so the problem will clearly arise in the future.

In the Netherlands, the country’s Data Centers consume 1 million M3 of water per year. Same as for 20,000 inhabitants over the same period. All this to cool the infrastructure.

To circumvent the problem, most large companies clear customs by buying a cleanliness space to be carbon neutral. Clearly, I finance the planting of trees on the other side of the world for the equivalent of my annual pollution.

It’s nice, it’s a first approach, but it only works on paper. Concretely, it is not the trees planted in Africa that will save water in Europe. But rest assured, the image is preserved!

What to do ?

In the garden trades, we are making small steps. Almost all garden merchants have understood the importance of omnichannel and will gradually collect customer information, by all means. Social networks are not yet too active in our profession and many independent garden centers just have a “showcase” website.

All of this is gradually changing. The garden activity will develop on the internet and networks.

At the same time, Millennials, in search of values ​​and nature, will ask us for even more respect for the environment, their future is at stake…

By choosing a profession related to nature, plants and the garden, we are on the front line for the defense of the environment. By developing our communication tools via “new” technologies, we expose ourselves to contributing to sneaky pollution. All this under the gaze of Millennials, our new consumers. Ok, we are not short of a contradiction, but if big communication companies clear their minds by planting trees, we should be able to find concrete solutions… Trees know us!


Roland Motte… Gardener !

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