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Creeper roses


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Creeper roses are climbing roses. And when we say it climbs “…. It climbs! They can make shoots 10 meters long, enough to garnish a tree or the roof of a house… And watch your eyes when it is in bloom…

Creeper roses

They are distinguished from other types of roses by their length and flexibility, which allow them to cover large areas.

Vine roses have long, flexible stems that can reach several meters in length. Unlike more compact bush roses, creepers generally produce fewer flowers, but with such length and vigor, when in bloom, it’s a sight to behold.

Depending on the variety, the flowers can be single or double, and they are available in a wide range of colors, from pure white to bright red, including pink, yellow and orange.

These roses are generally very vigorous… And that’s nothing to say! Their rapid growth makes them perfect for covering vertical structures or for creating floral curtains. They are often used to add verticality and depth to gardens, as well as to adorn building facades. Some creeper roses are remontant, meaning they bloom several times during the season, while others bloom only once.

As they are very strong, they need a solid and secure support to climb, such as a trellis or a fence. Be careful though, creeper roses can be quite invasive and therefore require adequate space to develop fully.

The lifespan of creeper roses

The lifespan of creeper roses can vary depending on several factors, such as the care given, growing conditions, the specific variety of rose bush, and the climate.In general, a well-maintained creeper rose can live between 15 and 30 years, or even more… Much more.But hey, it’s a bit like us, the older you get, the more the vigor and flowering decreases. It is true that once in place, and on an important support, it is difficult to set a deadline! Once in place, even if it flowers less, the owners of this large rosebush leave it in place and it ends up dying a beautiful death.To prolong the life of creeper roses, it is best to provide them with proper care. This includes monitoring watering, but that’s basically at the beginning of its life, then it works out. Fertilizer according to the soil! If the soil is poor, a little help will do them good.And then, monitoring and a little observation to spot diseases and parasites, even if they are resistant to all kinds of bugs.

The pruning of creeper roses?

Although most gardeners who have planted this rose let it do its own thing… Normally, it would have to be pruned according to the rules of the art…Pruning creeper roses is generally recommended to maintain their shape, promote healthy growth, control their size, and encourage abundant flowering.On the other hand, we prune when it is small and still accessible, then, if it climbs to the top of a tree, it’s a hassle and no one will look for it up there!When you plant a creeper rose, you can cut back its stems to about a third of their original length to encourage the development of new shoots.Most creeper roses benefit from light pruning in the spring, before the growing season begins. Simply remove dead, damaged or misdirected branches. Also, slightly shorten the main stems to stimulate branching and more abundant flowering.After several years of growth, older creeper roses may become less vigorous and produce fewer flowers. In this case, more severe pruning can be considered to rejuvenate the rosebush. This may involve removing some older, poor quality stems down to the base, to allow new shoots to develop.You can even cut it to 1 meter high to make it start again!

What varieties?

There are many popular varieties of creeper roses. So there is no need to embark on an endless inventory. Here is a (small) purely subjective selection. The best thing is to immerse yourself in a specialist catalog and go and choose the creeper rose of your dreams… Come on, I’ll still leave you my 3 or 4 favorites below!The banksiae rose is a liana variety native to China. It is appreciated for its abundant flowering of small white or yellow flowers, often fragrant. There are varieties with single and double flowers.Rosa ‘New Dawn’ is also very popular because of its flowering to fall from the tree … They are large pale pink flowers. It is remontant, which means it can flower several times during the season. This is rare for a creeper rose.’Zephirine Drouhin’. The best! it is thornless and appreciated for its bright pink color. This rose is lightly scented. It tolerates partial shade well, perfect for climbing shady structures.’Veilchenblau’ offers a spectacular flowering of purple and mauve roses, sometimes tinged with blue. It is also remontant and disease resistant.’Golden Gate’ produces golden yellow flowers and is prized for its glossy dark green foliage. Great, It has strong growing vigor and is often used to cover large areas.’Madame Alfred Carrière’ is an old hand! Alfred is known for its abundant flowering of large, double, white, fragrant flowers. It is also disease resistant.

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