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The Metaverse is fast approaching… It is the simple extension of the impact of video games, our desire to surf on all occasions, our need to stay at home… Add to that a consumer society that always wants more … You get the Metaverse!


The info may have escaped you, but a shopping center has just been sold for the modest sum of 3.7 million euros, it was in December 2021. Just before, it is land that had been sold for $2 million.

Numbers do not make the earth go round, but it is above all the place where this land and this shopping center are located that makes you dream… Nowhere! If not in the virtuality of a world in full development. The mall is in “The Sandbox” and the land in the virtual universe of “Decentraland”.

And yes my friends, while we toil in the real world, things happen behind our backs. But to devote so much money to it, needless to say that there must be an interest in positioning yourself in this parallel world.

And why spend so much money? Quite simply because brands will gradually begin to invest in the virtual. And just like in real life, the location in the virtual world will also be very important… So it’s time for those who have a little change, to place themselves!

The Metaverse?

The Metaverse was invented by Neal Stephenson in his 1992 novel titled “The Virtual Samurai”. It is a fictional world in which you will be able to live in the same way as in the real world, only better.

It is not very surprising, we already have meetings on the internet, we have been going to virtual shops for a long time to do our shopping… Even your plants, you order them on the Internet, so why not imagine even more things. Virtual concerts are already quite successful. And video games are becoming so real that it feels like it! That’s good, that’s the goal.

For some of us, using an avatar to go on social media is common. The same faults producing the same effects, this avatar will have to be beautiful, well dressed, with a nice house and a nice car… which you will have to buy in a virtual shop! Don’t you think this world is coming? Lets go ! Open wide the applications, we are right in it!


Always at the end of December 2021, it is Disney who enters the dance. The entertainment group that owns several amusement parks around the world, do we still need to present them? The group therefore decided to create virtual animations in the real world. By visiting Disneyland, you will soon be able to be followed thanks to your drinking and you will see during your visit, 3D characters and effects to immerse yourself in an imaginary world while keeping your feet on the ground.

It is an alternative to the “virtual everything” offered by Facebook, whose parent company is now called Meta… Like Metavers!

Even if everything is not yet ready, we realize that another world is emerging. A world where everyone will stay at home and can go for a walk with their avatar, do their shopping and pretend to be the king of the world! It will suffice for this to extend a few crypto currencies! Rest assured, with the money, we will continue to buy everything, even in the virtual world!

For the skeptics, watch Mr. Spielberg’s film Ready Player One, it’s fiction, of course, but…

And the gardens?

We can also wonder if the cost of using these new technologies will not have an impact on the environment? If the Metaverse continues on its way, we can also say that transport will no longer be as busy. Your avatar doesn’t need a car to get to a meeting. In the past, we called it videoconferencing…
Oh yes, by the way, nature, in this virtual world, what does it become?
If you think about it a bit, a virtual shopping center or a “metaverized” land will have to be filled with plants and gardens to attract avatars from all parts of the world?
If we manage to sell imaginary clothes, why not sell imaginary plants?
In this world that will be offered to us tomorrow, the garden could have a surprising place. On the one hand, landscape designers will have to invent 3D in their creations. On the other hand, nurserymen could well invent a virtual range to satisfy the demand of these parallel consumers.
When will the first virtual nursery be? And we, gardeners, will we still be in the race? Is the new vegetable El Dorado already in the hands of Facebook?
Here are some funny questions…

Roland Motte… Gardener!

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