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The forest


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Announced by the minister himself, a “forest” plan will soon be put in place to save our trees. Global warming has struck again and we are left with dead trees on our backs. We will have to act, but this story costs money!

The forest !

The French forest is divided into 2, the private sector which owns 75% and the state which owns the remaining 25% with its state forests.

The goal is to modify our forests by planting 1 billion trees in the next 10 years.

A report called “Objectif Forêt” gives us some somewhat alarming figures!

Our forests cover almost a third of the territory. Contrary to what we might think, the French forest has been growing for more than a century. But hey, it’s been stuck since 2018, and the movement is accelerating. We currently have 300,000 hectares that are dying.

Look carefully, when you’re on the road vacation. To be more precise, look in height, the crown of certain trees dries out completely. Heat is the main cause of this phenomenon. Beyond 30 degrees, the sap circulates much more difficultly in the plant and certain dry parts. Obviously, as in the garden, a weakened plant is then attacked by all kinds of critters and fungi. But there are also diseases, fires, negligence… In short, the French forest is not at its best.

Forest money

The situation is serious, enough to launch a backup plan with the planting of this billion trees for 10 years.But hey, the thing is not going to be done by snapping your fingers. This project is necessary for the survival of our forest which we badly need. In addition to acting for the plant by providing us with oxygen, a well-managed forest has an economic interest.Unfortunately, if all the ash or spruce trees are to disappear because of ash dieback and beetle for our Christmas tree, replacement species will have to be cultivated. The time to see hackberry plantations in the Vosges is near! The essences of the south move towards the North.The estimated cost of this repair would be approximately 1 billion euros per year.This billion is in addition to other expenses and aid that our country distributes here and there to save people and businesses. But how are we going to find this money?Of course, juggling with billions virtually available, maybe it’s just a simple accounting operation? But being a gardener, and considering that a penny is a penny, these numbers make your head spin!

Saved by football?

However, money exists in our world! This summer, Saudi Arabia, which has decided to embark on the development of its football championship, has recruited some football stars. Benzema, Guerrard, N’Golo Kanté and Ronaldo last year… That’s for football, but there’s also golf. We also forget the takeover of the Newcastle club and the money invested in video games.In short, this investigation by the English newspaper The Guardian explains to us that Saudi Arabia has decided to embark on Sport Washing, another way of giving a positive image of the country.All these financial approaches, of course, without counting any bribes!So of course, there is nothing to do with the decline of the French forest and its recovery plan with the performance of the insane transfer window of Saudi Arabia.But very basically, like a gardener, we see that the 10 billion on one side would be well used with the 10 billion from Saudi sport.I know, it’s totally utopian, impossible and unreal as reasoning…


The link between the two files is impossible, sorry, it’s the holidays! In my defence, I only have the emotion of seeing the trees wither while wondering how to find the solution to save them… In this summer period, everyone is on the beach and no one will read my bi-weekly editorial, phew! I’m doing well 🤣! Nevertheless, money allows everything, including the fact of buying good driving with a large blow of billions. Next to Ronaldo’s goals, our Earth is warming and the forests are withering. The priorities of the present are more motivating than those of the future. This is the whole problem of awareness and the future of forests, oceans and the planet in general. It’s the medium term… We don’t care about the medium term, in the meantime, we don’t even know where Kylian M’Bappé will play next year!So what do we do? Well, we continue, for the trees, we will manage to replant others. For now, my concern is whether I buy a Real or PSG jersey? On the other hand, for sure, M’Bappé will not go to OM 🤔? You see, I too have real concerns this summer!

Roland Motte… Gardener!

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