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Spring sowing


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When to go… Spring sowing is in the spring… Now is the time! Do you have the necessary equipment and techniques?

Spring sowing

Spring sowing is an important step for gardeners, like us, who wish to obtain a flower garden or a pretty, productive vegetable patch.

For the record, the principle is simple. It consists of planting seeds in pots, containers or directly in the ground so that they germinate and grow before being transplanted or cultivated on site.

There are many varieties of plants you can sow in the spring, including annual flowers such as pansies, sunflowers and nasturtiums… This is also the case for vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers and eggplants….

Well, the list is very long and the best thing is to go on the Internet or in store to find good ideas for sowing on the shelves!

Spring sowing, how to do?

For sowing seeds, it is important to choose fertile, well-drained soil. You can improve the quality of the soil by adding compost or manure before sowing. But not too much… If the soil is too rich, the seedlings may not develop… It’s quite an art 🤣There is a cool thing with seeds, it is that all the indications of culture are indicated on the packets. The seed sellers did a great job! Just follow the sowing instructions for each plant variety. Obviously it has two or three pitfalls, because some seeds need more light or humidity than others. It depends on the variety. And some go more or less quickly too!At this time, with the risk of spring frosts, it is best to sow seeds indoors in pots or seed boxes to protect them from adverse weather conditions and disease.You can place the pots near a sunny window or under fluorescent lights to provide enough light for the plants as they grow.

And after ?

Once the plants have germinated and reached a certain size, again it depends on the plant… You can transplant them into the garden in the ground. Caution caution. In regions with a mountain climate or in the east of France, we wait until May or even June before transplanting. Well yes, these famous spring frosts, depending on the situation or the region… They can sting a little. Our young seedlings are small and very fragile, we must protect them from the cold.Be sure to follow the watering closely. Here too, the roots are very small and depending on the heat indoors, they can quickly run out of water.By following the sowing instructions for each plant variety and providing enough light and water, you can easily achieve satisfactory results.Casually, it’s a great saving… Rather than buying young finished plants. There is a little more work, but it’s a choice!

What do we make these seeds with?

For support, as we have said, you can buy seedling soil in a garden center. It is light and not too rich. You can also take a well decomposed and sieved compost, that’s free.You can also manage with the pots by keeping the yogurts, it is a practical container. You can also take egg cartons. Cells filled with soil are perfect for receiving seeds.Unavoidable ! These are mini greenhouses. A very useful tool for spring sowing. They protect the seeds from adverse weather conditions and disease. They also provide a stable and controlled environment for plant growth, which can improve germination and success rates.You will find them in garden centers or in the garden departments. It is a small investment, but by taking care of the material, you will be able to keep them for years. It will simply be necessary to clean them well at the end of the season.Sowing is not very complicated! Try it and you will see!!!

Roland Motte… Gardener!

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