The Plant Show???


The Plant Show? It is not the name of Paysalia but we could have called it that as the participation of plant sellers was so important. Listening to the regulars, we have never seen so many plants in the aisles of the Lyon salon!

The plant show

I’m talking to you about Paysalia which closed its doors on December 7, 2023. The plant show is in Angers every other year. In the meantime, for those who discovered the landscape show, expecting to see stones and diggers, fences and gates, hall 4 took on the appearance of a nursery. If we refer to the event website, in the “Plant production and nursery” section, there are more than 140 exhibitors, producers and wholesalers of all kinds. This is a lot for a profession that has long been confined to minerals.

The awakening of the… green force seems to be taking shape. A few plant stands were lost here and there in the other halls, no doubt last-minute exhibitors who learned from the gang about producers enthusiasm for landscapes. All the “big guys” were present, from Italy to Germany via Spain, Brittany and Anjou.

And let’s put it bluntly, it’s very pleasant to see this “family” reunited in Lyon with landscapers and communities.

Probably a sign of good health? Let’s hope so !

Green landscape

It must be said that landscapers had somewhat neglected plants in the past. If we are to believe the experts in the landscaping professions, as explained by Éric VALLET, President of “Alliance Paysage” in the Consumer Guide Garden 2024, the offers on minerals, decorative products and garden structures have made great efforts. The new features and ease of assembly have made us want to concentrate on the structures of the garden, forgetting a little about vegetation. But what would a landscape be without a tree, grass and flowers?Initially pushed by the customers themselves who wanted ease, a garden without constraints, plants moved to second, or even third place.And then, a few climate alerts later, green came back to the forefront.Always on customer demand, but always with minimal maintenance. We must therefore respond to this double problem with a very green garden but with a minimum of work. New product and service opportunities appear to be emerging to meet these expectations. So much the better !

Which show to choose?

A long time ago, the plant show was, in France, the only meeting place for all plant traders. After a period of doubt and the crossing of the famous desert between Nantes and Angers… The -historic- plant show is taking on new colors for the greatest pleasure of all professionals. And the idea of ​​placing it every two years alternating with Paysalia seems to become the right formula. You had to dare!Everyone is a winner and exhibitors can meet the landscape in Lyon and the producers in Angers.And the distribution would you tell me? Oh yes it’s true ! I was about to forget ! Yes because we still find plants in the distribution! Although over time, the turnover seems to erode. Plants are gradually becoming a “bringing” for customers. This has to be modulated according to the types of businesses and brands, but the share of plants seems to be decreasing and corresponds to communication moves.In this context, with a “favorite” plant reserved in advance, why come to a show. Positions seem to be emerging in this direction…

The world after

A show to reach distribution? It already exists, with the JdC in Marseille in March. So it’s true, the date is not ideal for plant growers. It prevents. All the decision-makers of our brands, whether they come from the GSA, the GSB, the garden center, the world of independents or the Lisas… All these little people are going to the South in March. We could therefore expect, in the future, to see large production structures participating in this meeting. That would make us Paysalia for landscapers, Angers for production, and Marseille for distributors. It’s a somewhat simplistic and summary picture, but in the story, it is the plant that would come out on top with stronger exposure and an increased presence.Our profession needs plants, and if they are present at all the major events, let’s not complain, quite the contrary.The only downside is that small structures do not have 4 arms and even less the means to support 2 trade shows in the year, not counting the brand trade shows… Choices will have to be made, both for the producers and for the organizers!The positions will be further refined! On the other hand, the future of our profession lies in plants, and the more we see of them, the better off we will be, that’s a certainty!

Roland Motte…Gardener!

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